Why Montreal?

Looking for a fantastic place to live and learn?

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A Place For Learning

Montreal is recognized as the educational and cultural capital of Canada. It is the world’s foremost bilingual city (English and French), giving students a rich, and immersive language experience both inside and outside of the classroom. Montreal educators are world leaders in teaching English and French as second languages, and the Canadian diplomas and certificates gained here are highly valued and recognized internationally. Come to Montreal to study English or French (or both), and watch a world of opportunity open up to you.

Why Montreal is prepared to welcome students?

    • Montreal was ranked as one of the top 10 student city destination in 2012
    • One of the most livable cities and recognized by UNESCO one of the 3 United Nations City of Design in the world.
    • It has one of the highest scores for quality of leaving alongside favorable student mix
    • Montreal is the second city in North America with the largest number of students. From all students (90,600), the international student ratio is 21%.
    • Montreal is a student city, the best choice to learn a language and have opportunity to practice with other students from here with the same age and interests.
    • Montreal is home for over 48 colleges like LaSalle, Dawson, Herzing, etc and 04 main universities including the number 18 in the world ranking - McGill - and also Concordia, UQAM and HEC to name some.
    • The city hosts more than 90,000 students every year, is well prepared to welcome international students (21% of them), from all over the world and also a tourist destination xx tourist as well.

    A Thriving Metropolis

    Looking for an exciting place to live and learn? Come to Montreal!

    This vibrant island city hosts over 70 festivals throughout the year, including the International Jazz Festival, Pop Montreal, the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival as well as several groundbreaking international film festivals. Do you love a good show, or a fast-paced sporting event? Montreal is home to the world famous Cirque du Soleil, has numerous professional sports teams (hockey, soccer, football), and is yearly host to the Rogers Cup and Formula One Racing Grand Prix.

    Would you rather indulge in fine art, fine food and fine fashion? Come here and discover a thriving metropolis full of incredible museums, world-renowned restaurants and chic, original boutiques and designers.

    Fresh Air and Fun Activity

    Known for its low cost of living, beautiful people and joie de vivre, Montreal offers up tons of fun activities, 365 days a year.

    There are seasonal activities like river rafting, cycling, hiking, and water sports in the summer, as well as skiing, skating, tobogganing and snowmobiling in the winter. Montreal is also known for its incredible nightlife, with concerts, dance clubs and shows providing much of the entertainment late into the evening.

    Frankly, there is so much to see and do here, it is surprising that anyone gets any sleep!

    A Safe and Navigable City

    Though one of Canada’s largest cities, Montreal is a very safe place to live and study.

    With a unique mix of European and North American architecture combined with an international flair, Montreal comes across as both cosmopolitan and culturally diverse.

    Respectful of its history and old world roots, the city has a modern infrastructure and a reliable public transportation system with accessible subway, train, and bus networks connecting all major points on the island.

    Most importantly, Montrealers themselves are extremely hospitable and truly accepting of people from all over the world.

    Montreal At A Glance

    • Located in Canada, in the province of Quebec
    • Canada's 2nd largest metropolis or
    •  It is the largest city in the province, the second-largest in the country (after Toronto) and the fifteenth-largest in North America
    • Located on an island (494 square kilometers) surrounded by rivers - land area 4,259 square kilometres (1,644 sq mi)
    • Variable climate: during winter, the average temperature is -9 ºC, and during summer the average is 26ºC


    • Capital: Ottawa
    • The world's second largest country
    • 33 million people
    • Largest cities: Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver; in this order
    • Bilingual country: English and French are the official languages
    • Parliamentary democracy and strong economy
    • World leader in teaching English and French as second languages
    • Canadian diplomas and certificates valued and recognized internationally
    Mads Ronnow – Copenhagen, Dinamarca

    « No matter where you are from you will not be a stranger at ALI. I came here to learn French and very soon I was able to have conversations with my Francophone friends. The classes are fun, dynamic and filled with new topics every day. »

    Mads Ronnow – Copenhagen, Denmark

    Montreal Quick Facts

    Montreal Quick Facts

    Population of Greater Montreal3.6 million ( 3,824,221)
    Time ZoneEastern Standard Time
    PhoneCountry code (1) and area code (514 or 438)
    CurrencyCanadian dollars: 1 USD$ = approx. 1.20 CDN$
    Credit cardsAll major credit cards are widely accepted (VISA, MasterCard)
    TaxesProvincial Sales Tax – TVQ (9.5%) and Federal Goods & Services Tax - TPS (5%)
    Electricity110 volts, alternative current
    Public Transportation Monthly, weekly and daily passes – affordable Unlimited monthly pass (metro + bus) is CDN$ 77.50
    GratuityA tip of 15% is expected for services (taxi drivers, waiters)
    International airport Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL or CYUL)