ITHQ is Quebec’s top public institute specializing in restaurant management and cooking, as well as in tourism and hotel management. With over 40 years experience in training professionals, ITHQ is an expert in the restaurant and tourism industry in the province. Students benefit from hands-on training in the school’s restaurant and hotel and graduate ready to join the job market. ITHQ is the only school in Quebec that provides secondary-level, college-level, university-level and continuing education programs.

A degree from ITHQ ensures world-wide employability, high professional skills, and a global and innovative approach to the service industry

Montreal, Canada
International Cuisine and Gastronomy, Advanced Culinary Arts, Professional Pastry Making, Gastronomic Food and Service Management, International Restaurant Service and Sommelier Training, Restaurant Management, Tourism and Hotel Management
Attestation of Vocational Studies, Diploma of Vocational Studies, Diploma of College Studies, Bachelor’s