Language PLUS

Maria Eugenia Aguirre - Caracas, Venezuela

« I needed a good score on my TOEFL exam in order to get into university. The TOEFL preparation at ALI helped me to reach my goal. »

Maria Eugenia Aguirre – Caracas, Venezuela

ALI’s Language PLUS Offer: Build Your International Career Here!

 Our programs "Language PLUS" offer students the opportunity to use their language skills in professional courses and to develop in their field of expertise. While fully immersed in the local culture, ALI students can acquire new skills in the language they are learning. The certificate, attestation or diploma awarded after attending one of the courses offered by our academic partners can be the stepping stone towards a dream job (students need to be at a B1 level to begin these courses).

 In addition to taking language courses, depending on the length of the academic program students choose, it might be possible for them to take on a part-time job. The Montreal experience can be a tour de force: Language plus college/professional courses plus part-time job. Furthermore, some of these programs qualify for post-graduation work permit. After 1 year of work in Quebec, some students will be able to apply for Permanent Residence.

 What to look forward to: Our Partners for the Language+ Programs

 Université de Montréal – Faculté de l’éducation permanente

One-day programs; 3-8-day programs; Human Resources; Business; Wellness.

 Algonquin College: Centre for Continuing and Online Learning

Full-length 1-semester courses of 45 hours, online; credited: Business; Communication.


 LaSalle College

Part-time AEC: Project Management; full-time evening Mobile and Web Application Development


CDI College

Full-time afternoon or evening AEC: Business; Paralegal; Computer/IT; Dental Assistant


ITHQ – Continuing education

Evening programs: Wine Discovery, Bartending. WSET Levels 2&3 Wines and Spirits

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