How many English/French levels does ALI have?

We offer 8 levels for each language, ranging from Beginner to High-Advanced. We also offer a special University & College Preparation class for students whose level is higher than 8.

How will you know my level?

All students are required to take a placement test prior to starting the class. Students can have a general idea of their current level by doing a preliminary online test at the following link: https://placement.studymontreal.com/

Before they start class, students will be also evaluated orally and placed in the appropriate level.

How much will my English/French improve with the program I choose?

This depends on many different factors, especially on your level of dedication to the learning of a language. If you attend classes steadily, do your homework and practice outside of class, you should be able to go up to the next level without a problem. Contact us now and based on your current level and learning objectives we can recommend a program and a study period to help you reach your goal.

How is ALI’s method different from other schools’?

ALI uses the communicative approach. Our programs focus on language as a natural process of learning, concentrating on developing 4 skills (listening, speaking, writing, reading) with a solid grammatical base. These 4 skills are taught using contextualized activities, conversations, role-playing, and presentations.

If I learn French in Quebec, will I be understood in France and in other French-speaking countries?

At ALI, we teach international French. We have native teachers from different backgrounds who give international French courses with universal French vocabulary and grammar. They will also teach you the more local expressions to help you get around in Quebec.

Does ALI offer any preparation to enter university after my language course is complete?

Yes, ALI has a pathway program. Students will be required to take our University and College Preparation course (UCP) and then ALI will support their school application. Contact us to know more about our partner schools!