How can I find the School?

It is very easy to find ALI, just follow these few steps!

Getting to ALI Metro Guy Concordia to ALI

Can I get around Montreal if I don’t speak French?

Yes, you can get around even if you don’t speak French. Montreal is a bilingual city.

What is the average temperature in Montreal?

The temperature in Montreal varies greatly according to the seasons. Winters can get as cold as minus 30 and Summers can get as hot as plus 35 degrees. You should bring clothing accordingly! To get more precise information on the weather during your stay please access the Weather Network: http://www.theweathernetwork.com/weather/canada/quebec/montreal

How is winter in Montreal?

Winter in Canada is unique and especially so in Montreal!  Montreal has many festivals, activities and attractions to make you discover and enjoy the joys of winter.

Worried about the cold? Don’t be! If you equip yourself with warm clothes you will be able to face the temperature. Also, Montreal has a very large underground city, making it easy for people to go around the downtown area without ever having to come out.

Is it expensive to live in Montreal?

No. Among the three largest cities in Canada (Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver), Montreal is the one that has the lowest cost of living. Statistics show that rent in Montreal is about 40% lower than in Toronto and Vancouver. Consumer prices are also 10 to 15 % lower.

Is Montreal a safe city?

Yes. In general, Montreal is a very safe city. It is however recommended to be cautious.

Where can I buy a cellphone in Montreal?

There are several companies with whom you can register a phone, such as: Public Mobile, Fido, Virgin Mobile, Rogers, Telus, Koodo & Bell. As an ALI student, you can get access to preferential rates with Public Mobile. Come to the reception at lunch time on Tuesdays to ask for more information.