What types of accommodation are available to me?

ALI’s homestay coordinator can arrange for you to stay with a host family (French or English-speaking) or in a roomstay (shared apartment).

Can I change my homestay if I don’t feel comfortable where I am?

Yes. Simply talk to the Homestay Coordinator and explain your situation. A new placement fee will be charged and you will need to wait approximately 2 weeks, unless it is an emergency.

How far away are the homestay families from ALI?

The average distance is 40 minutes, using public transportation. Travel time to residences is an average of 35 minutes. All homestays and residences are accessible from the school by metro or bus.

What is included in the homestay?

Homestay includes one private furnished room (desk, drawers, lamp, bed, closet) with 2 or 3 meals per day. Bathrooms are usually shared. Access to the laundry facilities is also required of our homestay families. Most homestays have free internet access but limited bandwidth.