ALI’s Teaching Methodology

ALI has been teaching English and French to people from Canada and around the world, helping them to learn a new language and fulfill their life goals.

We’re committed to our students’ learning process and satisfaction, and we achieve this by stressing the importance of communication and interaction. Our teaching methodology uses a communicative approach: we strive to combine both the academic development and practical use of the language in our students, providing them with the tools to use the language in real-life situations.

ALI programs focus on language as a natural process of learning, concentrating on developing 4 skills with a solid grammatical base: speaking, listening, reading and writing. These 4 skills are taught using contextualized activities, conversations, role-playing and presentations.

‘’The communicative method is teaching a language communicatively, by asking leading questions, by interacting with the teacher at first and then by interacting with one another.  Once a point is understood through the use of pictures of clear scenarios, a real-life, creative and meaningful activity should be introduced.  At this point, it is not necessary for the students to be totally confident using the new grammatical feature.  In this type of activity, teacher talking time is limited and student-student interaction is encouraged.  An example of a real-life activity could be: meeting in a café, renting an apartment or having a job interview to name a few.’’
– Nancy Fillion, Head Teacher

ALI Methodology - Head Teacher