The total immersion experience

Staying in a homestay will give you the perfect opportunity to practice your English and/or French conversation skills and experience the Canadian family life. ALI’s homestay families are located on Montreal’s island and the greater Montreal area. They are close to public transportation, secure, and ALI Student Accommodation Department-approved.

Many students choose homestay accommodation because they enjoy the comfortable atmosphere and feeling of support a family gives. In fact, a lot of homestay students keep in touch with their host families even after they have returned to their own countries!

The host families selected by ALI have extensive experience in hosting international students, so they can provide a welcoming and friendly environment where you can choose the level of independence that is appropriate for you.

How Homestay Works

Our Homestay Coordinator chooses the family based on each student’s profile and information provided on the application form. Students can choose to stay with an English, French, or a bilingual family. Students will receive information about their host family a few weeks prior to arrival.


Half-board homestay - Includes 2 meals a day:

  • Self-serve breakfast
  • Well balanced dinner

Full-board homestay - Includes 3 meals a day:

  • Self-serve breakfast
  • Packed lunch
  • Well balanced dinner

Services Provided:

  • Choice of English, French-speaking or bilingual family based on your language of study
  • Private furnished bedroom with shared bathroom
  • Use of laundry facilities
  • Internet is available in most homestays

What to expect in your homestay

  • Host families may come from different backgrounds
  • Two or more international students may live in the same house
  • Commuting time School-Homestay: 35 - 55 Minutes

All host families are carefully selected by our Homestay Coordinator and inspected according to a strict set of criteria. We visit all homestays throughout the year and coach our host families to make sure our students are getting the best experience possible. Our Homestay Coordinator monitors every homestay experience and is available full-time at the school if the student needs any assistance.